Thank you !!

Hi everyone, 

Thank you so much for visiting the new website and forum,  I am so happy with both the sites and will be adding more new articles,  photos, and updates to the website over the next couple of weeks. 

I have added a section to the website that will deal specifically with Herd Dynamics and the work I do in that area. My training method, principals and philosophy are based on a horses natural behaviour in a herd environment so this is going to be a very important section.

I am going to be launching that very soon,  there has been so much to write up it has taken a little longer than the rest of the site to ‘go live’.

All the photos taken at this years Horse Care and Horse Psychology courses will also be available to download from the site soon.

Thank you for your patience,  both the Website and the Forum have taken up a lot of time but I am very pleased with the results,  the forum especially has developed into an educational, informative  and friendly place to visit,  and just as I had hoped, our members are passionate about horses and love talking about them!!

Please visit the new website

and the Forum   There are so many good discussions taking place.

Look forward to seeing you there !!

Susan Rainbird